1. Gayelle chesley

    I have had a Hamilton Beach coffee Maker for 2 years. It has been extremely irritating as over the time it has a ERR message when doing single cup. I unplug and pour water out and eventually it will make another cup. I have noticed that when making single cup the pot plate is HOT. Is that normal?

    • Gayelle – Argh, it only has a 1 year warranty so that’s no good. Hmm, no it doesn’t sound normal at all, and sadly it doesn’t sound like the type of thing you can easily fix. Hot plate issues can be dangerous and ERR messages are super annoying. It sounds like it might be time for a new unit!

  2. Cathy

    We have had this coffee maker for one year and there have been several times when the single cup does not work. We have cleaned the reservoir with vinegar and then a few months later, it happens again.

  3. Karen

    This POS gadget kacked out on me after 4 months of use, first the kcup side then the carafe side DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY! The Hamilton Beach Flex Brew garbage!

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