Using Your Porlex Mini For Aeropress

porlex mini coffee grinder

The best, highest quality coffee always has some similarities. These include the grinding of fresh beans, grown in a place that only adds to their resultant flavour. To that end, the Porlex Mini grinder and the Aeropress coffee maker are an absolutely winning combination, because they allow you to simply brew coffee in a short … [Read more…]

2Pour Launches Campaign To Provide Dual Aeropress Brewing To Your Home

In the world of coffee, people are always trying new things to get the most out of a cup of java.  Among all the various brewing methods, grinders, roasters, and everything else, it’s an intense area of study for those who appreciate coffee.  However, when it comes to this new coffee technology, inevitably, not all of … [Read more…]

Porlex Tall Hand Grinder – Update And Quick Review

porlex tall hand grinder review update 2017

Well, it is 2018 and it is another wonderful year to be a coffee drinker!  One reason we can easily point to is that one of our favorite coffee grinder manufacturers, Porlex, have just recently updated their Tall Hand Grinder with some very excellent and welcome technical improvements. Feature Pick Porlex 345-12541 Jp-30 Stainless Steel … [Read more…]

How Fine To Grind Coffee For Aeropress


Before we talk about how fine your coffee bean grind size should be when using the Aeropress, let’s have a frank discussion about the reasons you want to grind your coffee at home. You’ll likely have a few reasons for wanting your own coffee at home. Those reasons might include: Costs of buying a cup … [Read more…]