KitchenAid KES2102FP Pro Line Series Espresso Maker Review

Kitchen Aid has always made a number of products with their signature smooth line look and multiple color choices that run consistently throughout the KitchenAid product line. Along with this stylish look, KitchenAid has managed to bring high-end quality products to a more reasonable price point for the average consumer. One of these products is … [Read more…]

Uniterra Nomad Espresso Machine Review

nomad espresso maker

Are you a person that needs your espresso no matter what no matter where you are? Well, I think we have an espresso machine that might be right for you. The Uniterra Nomad Espresso Machine was designed to be clean and green and give you excellent quality espresso coffee anywhere, and it’s the subject of … [Read more…]

Rancilio Epoca Review


One-Group Model Dimensions: 15.2 x 22.0 x 18.9 in One-Group Model Weight: 63.9 lbs. Two-Group Model Dimensions: 30.7 x 22.0 x 18.9 in Two-Group Model Weight: 119.1 lbs. The Rancilio Epoca small-scale commercial-grade espresso machine is available in three different versions.  All offer Rancilio’s high-quality construction and excellent customer service, and are suitable for use … [Read more…]

Rancilio Egro Zero Review


Quick Stats Size: 31 inches high x 24 inches deep by 13 inches wide Weight: 99 lbs. Rancilio’s Egro line produces fully automated machines capable of making a variety of espresso drinks. These machines are intended for moderate commercial use, producing as many as 100 coffee drinks per day. Programming is quick and simple with Plug-and-Brew … [Read more…]

What Is A PID Controlled Espresso Machine?

pid mounted controller

To brew a great cup of espresso coffee depends on several factors… Great tasting water Finely ground coffee Great tamping technique with a good quality portafilter The correct brew ratio (dose vs. yield) Now here comes the big one … temperature. The water temperature needs to be between 195-205 degrees fahrenheit.  Most espresso machines that want … [Read more…]