Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23 Automatic Burr Grinder Mill Review

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My collection of automatic burr coffee grinders is growing larger and larger with time, and about a month ago I picked up a brand new one – the Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23 Automatic Burr Mill Grinder. 

This was my first small automatic burr grinder purchase and expectations were high. 

I already had a large, expensive automatic model and a small blade model, so I was hoping to try out something smaller but still using burrs to see how that went. 

I figured I should get this grinder to see if you can spend less but still have a versatile grinder that will do my bidding.  I was about to find out.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23 review

When I first saw the Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23, I was drawn to its looks and its reported skills at grinding fresh coffee. 

It has 10 grind settings, a 1/2 pound bean hopper, and is fully automated. 

For the money, I was interested to see if the Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23 could do everything the company claimed, not to mention the reviewers, as I had read many great reviews saying that it could do a lot.

And if you are wondering the same thing, this is the right post for you. I even went really far to do my own Espresso test.

But before we go to the Espresso test, let me show you what exactly this little yet mighty grinder has to offer in this dedicated Mr. Coffee grinder review.


Not only Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23 is an automatic coffee grinder, but it’s a real technological advancement among the burr mill coffee grinders.

Even though you won’t find an LCD screen or anything digital that might increase its price needlessly, but you’ll be equipped with plenty of specific features which makes the use of this grinder really effortless and enjoyable.

18 Custom Grind Settings

You will be able to grind coffee anywhere from a coarse grind to super fine grind, with everything in between.

What is really great about this grinder is that it can achieve a medium grinds and also medium/fine grind combinations which are really useful.

You get to rotate the adjustable grind wheel anywhere between the 18 available positions (settings) that will do the trick for you.

High Capacity Bean Hopper

As mentioned earlier, this small but mighty grinder comes with a high capacity bean hopper that can hold up to 1/2 pound of coffee beans.

It’s very easy to remove the bean hopper as well for the cleaning purpose.

Once you want to install it again, you simply install the hopper to the unit by placing it on top of the unit and turning it clockwise until it tightens and the grind size indicator is at the “fine” setting.

Removable Grinding Chamber

The grinding chamber of this compact grinder is removable which creates easy access to the coffee. However, this access has a lot more value for the purposes of maintenance.

Once you remove both bean hopper and grinding chamber, you get open access to the inner parts so the maintenance is really simple and easy.

Dual Safety Locking Switch

Since there are quite a few removable parts within the Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23, Mr. Coffee came up with a brilliant solution to introduce dual safety locking switches.

These switches eliminate the possibility of the grinder running without the bean hopper or grinding chamber in place, eliminating the errors, accidents, and mess in general.

Different Brewing Methods

Different brewing methods

As we have mentioned earlier, you get 18 different grind settings which allow you to match different brewing methods.

With Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23, you get to grind perfect coffee for French press, automatic drip coffee makers with both flat-bottom filters and cone-shaped filters, to Espresso makers.

Therefore, you get a lot fresher flavor, richer aroma, and a better taste no matter the roast you’re using. These brewing methods will help you extract the full flavor.

You’ll easily notice the fullest flavor and the joy of a true taste. Combining quality coffee beans with this grinder is something we highly recommend.

Burr Mill Design

Of course, we find Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23 to be a really attractive grinder, but its design has a lot more in store than it actually meets the eye.

This grinder features a burr mill design which is considered to be one of the best designs for grinders.

You might wonder why?

The main reason lays in the method burr mill design uses to grind beans as it doesn’t generate heat. Thanks to the precise cutting plates, you get consistent results with no heating issues.

What Can You Grind

With 18 different grind settings, you get to achieve anything from a coarse grind, medium grind, medium/fine grind, to super fine grind.

This increases the brewing methods, making it ideal for a number of different coffee makers and coffee types such as French press or coffee makers with flat and cone-shaped filters.

No matter which grind setting and coffee beans you use, this grinder will always help you unfold the richness, complexity, and freshness of the coffee.


Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23 comes included with the bean hopper, grinding chamber, and the user’s manual.

However, it’s fairly easy to get used to this grinder as you will be having the full variety of options with one simple touch of a button.

Also, we should mention the cord which is 24 inches big and is ideal for setting this grinder up at any kitchen countertop.



Since there are quite a few removable parts with Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23, you will get easier access by removing the bean hopper and grinding chamber.

This gives you open access to the burr so you can clean it from time to time. You’d want to remove and clean the grinding chamber to keep this grinder looking like it just got out of the box.

But other than that, there’s not much maintenance you’ll have to be doing.


  • 18 custom grind settings
  • Removable bean hopper and grinding chamber
  • Long cord and efficient cord storage
  • Dual safety locking switches
  • High capacity hopper
  • Variety of brewing methods
  • Durable & sleek design


  • It is very loud
  • Auto shut off when the grinding chamber is full could be improved with a timed shutoff feature

The Espresso Test

In my home, we love to brew espresso and our Aeropress and we usually grind the coffee manually for this purpose, or with our Breville. 

I was interested to see if the Mr. Coffee could grind for espresso, so for a couple of weeks, we set our other grinders aside for a while to see if Mr. Coffee would pass my espresso test. 

What is the “espresso test”, you ask? 

Well, simply I wanted to see if Mr. Coffee could handle the grinding so that I could use my Gaggia Classic and make a great cup of espresso with it. 

The Gaggia Classic, for the record, is a great espresso maker and I trust it implicitly by now since as long as I have a good coffee grinder, my Gaggia Classic has not been known to fail when it comes to espresso.


If you’re making a switch to your first automatic coffee grinder, Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23 makes an ideal choice since it offers quite a lot for the price it costs.

And on top of that, its value increases further due to the number of grinding settings it offers. You won’t have to think twice whether this grinder fits your favorite brewing method.

With this grinder, you will know exactly what it has to offer and what you will be able to achieve.

Other than these features (which is one of the biggest features since it increases the versatility), we were really pleased to see how this grinder preserves the taste and flavor within each grind.

Maybe this is due to the eliminated heat since, in fact, Mr. Coffee did execute a perfect burr mill design just to eliminate the heat and improve a few other elements.

Needless to say, this is a must-have coffee grinder if you’re trying to stay compact and versatile, but remain the high-quality throughout the whole process.

As most of the features were seen in this dedicated Mr. Coffee grinder review, you will still have to experience some of the best ones yourself.

34 thoughts on “Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23 Automatic Burr Grinder Mill Review”

  1. Hi Dave,
    I just concluded an online chat with Mr. Coffee about an issue we have discovered with this grinder. I purchased it on your recommendation and i agree that it’s a great burr-grinder. We have been very happy with it, however, we recently discovered that there is either a missing part or a design flaw that is causing some serious ground blow-by that collects inside the grinder and eventually on the counter. We have cleaned out anywhere from 1-2 cups of grounds from inside the machine. My husband cleaned it two days ago and i just cleaned it again today with another 2 cups of grounds in the machine. We never over fill the cup since our brewer can only do 10-cups at a time so that is our grinding limit on the beans as well. Is this something you have discovered and if so, how did you fix it? If this is news to you, do you have any suggestions on how we might fix the issue. The chat help at Mr. Coffee was unhelpful.
    Love your site and appreciate all your excellent reviews, tips, and information!
    Albion, NY

    • Hello Maarit,

      I think this would be a manufacturing error which occurred for a couple of models only.

      My grinder doesn’t have this issue. Did you try returning the grinder to Mr. Coffee for a replacement?

      Wish I could help more, but please let me know how it goes or if you find a fix for this problem!

      • I also have this problem. I’ve been living with it for a while. Just moved my grinder off the counter to paint my kitchen and found CUPS of finely ground coffee from the interior!
        I thought this was normal.

    • Hello,

      I am sorry to hear this. That’s really unlucky. Did you try contacting Mr. Coffee for a return or a replacement?

      They have ​outstanding customer support so you should definitely get in contact with them, and I am sure they will sort this out for you!

  2. Our stopped working after 2 years. The motor still runs but it randomly grinds from 0.5 seconds to about 3 seconds, and shuts off. It appears to be a fault with the mechanism that sets the grind time/amount, and there appear to be no repair options. This is the third different grinder we’ve bought, ranging from $40-200 and they’ve all broken within about 2 years. Anyone have any recommendations for a good hand grinder.

    • Its probably full on grinds. Shake it to see if grinds come out the bottom vent holes. If yes remove 5 small phillip screws at botom to remove the grinds. I’m in the process of finding the cause of this failing design in attemps to modify it. I hope to find the loose connection somewhere

  3. a design flaw that is causing some serious ground blow-by that collects inside the grinder and eventually on the counter. We have cleaned out anywhere from 1-2 cups of grounds from inside the machine. My husband cleaned it two days ago and i just cleaned it again today with another 2 cups of grounds in the machine. We never over fill the cup since our brewer can only do 10-cups at a time so that is our grinding limit on the beans as well. Is this something you have discovered and if so, how did you fix it? If this is news to you, do you have any suggestions on how we might fix the issue.


    • Sorry to hear that. Were these 3 machines the same model mentioned in this article?

      Are you grinding on the even surface? I always make sure that I place any grinder on the perfectly even surface to avoid any problems.

      Did you find a fix or a solution, or did you return the mentioned grinder models?

  4. I came here looking to see if anyone else was having issues with the grounds collecting in and spilling from the base. I see that some have. This grinder has worked for at least 2 years but I cannot standhaving coffee grounds leaking all over the counter whenever the grinder is moved.

    • Hello Deborah,

      I haven’t heard about this until now, and quite a few people have had this issue.

      I am not sure whether this is a manufacturing error or it is caused by something else.

      Did you find a solution or did you maybe try and contact Mr. Coffee for help or advice?

  5. My Mr coffee grinder BVMC BMH23 leaks grinds inside. As a Electronic Technician I decided to investigate the issue. Turns out the stainless steel in front of the grinder should of been used to make the grinder chamber which is made of plastic. I found cracked openings to the interior of this device. Take it back to Walmart or where ever and try another Brand. Twist the top off the new unit and inspect the grinder chamber surroundings for plastic. If thats all I can find then I have no choice but to clean the chamber out after each use to prevent damage.

    • Thanks for researching this, Saul. I’ve had this product for a few years and it has worked flawlessly up until recently when I noticed piles of ground coffee coming from the bottom of the machine. Mr. Coffee’s website blames it on condensation, but I found that implausible and suspect a design defect that they did not want to acknowledge. I’m looking for a replacement burr grinder, but due to Mr. Coffee’s failure to own up to the issue, I’ll be looking at other manufacturers. Thanks again.

    • I’ve had my Mr. Coffee Auto. Burr Coffee Grinder like this for about 4 years. It works well, as this “review” (or advertisement?) suggests. As Saul points out, there is an issue with the (plastic) material the grind chamber is constructed with. It took over 3 years of daily use before I noticed grounds coming out from underneath. I, also, cleaned out a couple cups of grounds from the base cavity. I have even seen a few small shards of plastic in the grounds I cleaned out. In fairness, I have not been very consistent in my maintenance/cleaning routine; sometimes going several months (of daily use) without cleaning… until it got so plugged up that grounds weren’t even going into the ground coffee container, and it sounded much quieter than usual while running due to the totally plugged opening. So, it still works fine, but there is a little variation in the amount of grounds that I get when grinding with the same beans and same settings (very fine & 8) no doubt due to the fact that there is some variation in how many grounds end up inside the base. Yes, there are some grounds on the counter under the grinder. Yes, there are more building up inside it. It still grinds coffee just fine. I am learning to pick up the grinder and shake it a little and include that ground coffee in with that from the container. It’s only a little, and even though I don’t really know exactly how “fresh” it is, if I do this every day or two, and it’s only a small amount of ground coffee added to the rest, I can’t tell any difference in my coffee. If it’s been more than a couple days since I’ve used coffee from inside the base, then I throw it away instead of adding it to the fresh ground coffee from the container. For the price and considering the amount of coffee I’ve ground, and how well it has performed giving me the actual grind I’ve asked it to, I think it was a very good value.

  6. Your review never gave us the conclusion as to how well the grinder did for espresso grind in your espresso machine. Can you please do that?

  7. Mine has been perfect for 5+ years. Only concern is that replacement parts appear to be virtually unobtainable. Just the hopper lid. Don’t need any parts now.

  8. I’ve had two of these units. One lasted about 18 months….17 months more than the previous competitors piece of junk…and the last one lasted 4 years.
    Both failed the same way…a ham handed someone in the office broke the hopper off trying to ‘fill it’. And it looks like one cannot get the hoppers online.

    • Hi Lyn!
      Did you try reaching their customer support? They might help you out with finding the hoppers you need

  9. I have owned this exact grinder for 5 to 6 years and like it a lot. I’ve never had any problems with it and it continues to grind great coffee! For the price it has to be one of the best available.

  10. Mr coffee grinder BVMC BMH23 appears to have manufacturing defect judging by number of comment and my own experience.

    Purchase unit about 2 1/2 years ago and at one year point noticed problem and removed bottom to find over a pound of ground and compacted grounds inside.

    Since then I shake out the bottom about two or three ounces of ground coffee for every pound ground.

    • I want to comment that after having the machine for 2 years, a hopper mill screw fell off and broke the plastic base of the other mill in the electric motor. I can’t find the replacement part. I recommend to check periodically the hopper’s screws tightness.

  11. We experienced the same problem that others noted: coffee grounds accumulating inside the grinder. We completely disassembled the grinder this morning. It is a serious design flaw and cannot be fixed. The port/ chute leading from the hopper to the receptacle has no sides so coffee grinds leak into the body of the grinder. I think I will be shopping for a new grinder from another manufacturer.

  12. Well based on your terrific review I went ahead and got one. Have been using it since yesterday. Unfortunately even at the “finest” setting I can not get espresso quality grind- my Gaggia Classic is unable deliver espresso as the grind is too coarse and even with very hard tamping- with 19g in I get 38- 40 g out in 12-14 seconds!!


  13. I just got one of these grinders for free on a local recycle buy nothing site. I had just bought one for myself for Christmas and now I can return that one. I bought the Krups GX550, but the Mr. coffee was given to me for free

    So I tried to clean it out, and once I put it all back together I couldn’t get the blue light to show up or power on. So I had never seen the blue bite at all. Because I washed it before I tested it.

    After reading your review I understood better how the hopper goes on and I followed your instructions to replace the hopper and boom the blue light came on and boom I ground my first batch of coffee.

    The person who gave this to me had it for three years, and just upgraded for something fancy. I’m very happy to have 2 burr grinders in my kitchen right now, and really I’m not sure what I’ll do with the krups still.


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