Saeco Espresso Machine Reviews 2022

by Bryan Albuquerque


  • All-in-one completely automatic espresso and cappuccino machine with fully adjustable settings - totally customize your beverage
  • Tap the button and do it all over again - Want multiple cappuccinos for guests? Of course you do! As long as you have milk and coffee in the machine, it will continue to give you one delicious cappuccino after another
  • Stainless steel casing which looks great and is very durable, with a stainless steel lined boiler
  • Rubber seal around the top to keep the beans fresh with anti-UV coating
  • 40 oz water capacity
  • Water filter option - Add your a water filter to this machine to make your brew even tastier
  • Cappuccino maker does it all - grinds beans, steams milk with its attached milk steamer and all you do is hit the cappuccino button
  • Less cleaning - No wand, no porta-filter, less mess to clean up when you're making a cappuccino - hit the off button and it goes through a self-cleaning process that flushes the system out, plus it has a removable brewing head and is dishwasher safe
  • Two power switches (one in front, one in the back)
  • Built-In Ceramic Burr Grinder - Yes, the Saeco Syntia has a built-in coffee grinder featuring ceramic burrs, or you opt for pre-ground coffee using the bi-pass doser
  • Built-In Grounds Receptacle - After your coffee puck has been used, it is dispensed into the plastic trash bin on the side of the unit for you to put into your compost or garbage
  • Perfect for anyone who has the money and sufficient counter space, and lots of coffee-lovers in the family

More Info on the Saeco Syntia

More Info on the Saeco Syntia
More Info on the Saeco Syntia

Easy-to-understand display icons. One of the best things about the Saeco Syntia is its large icons, which tell you all you need to know about what's going on with the machine. Obviously, if all is well, you will get a green screen.

If some process is happening, you get the amber screen. If you run out of something, you get the red screen. Because this is a fully automatic machine, the display screen at the top is basically the control center of the unit, and together with its two buttons on either side of the screen, you can basically do it all from there.

At the same time, its worth remembering that this machine doesn't require much fiddling around. The beauty of this machine is most of the complicated stuff is done internally and automatically, so you can just set it and wait for for your drink to prepare itself.

There is one big button that starts the grinding/steaming/brewing process, and this button, aside from the nice display, is really the most convenient thing about the Saeco Syntia. If espresso or cappuccino are your drinks of choice, the results you will get from the Saeco Syntia are exceptional, as one would expect for the price of the unit. Essentially, this machine would be just as much at home in your local coffee shop as it would be on your kitchen counter.


This is a fabulous machine for making espresso or cappuccino which is automatic and does it all, and several users on and elsewhere have reported their unit holding up well over the years. Still, there is Philips 5-year warranty you can register for that is for the brewing unit itself that you can purchase if you are worried about any kind of technical problems.

Overall, we love this machine and it does its job extremely well. Four stars!

Here are a couple of older Saeco Syntia videos from 2010 and 2012 to give you more insight into the machine. Still very similar to the 2016 version, but of course the latest is also the greatest!

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