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Making an excellent cup of French Press-style coffee at home to rival the expensive coffee houses is its own art form, but with practice, it can be done.

There are some people who confess that once they’ve tried coffee made with a French Press, they’d never go back to regular drip coffee.  Never! 

For those of us with any French Press experience, coffee made in this way is definitely an art form. 

In order to do it right, owning the best coffee grinder for making French Press coffee is crucial.

In order to make French Press coffee correctly, you will ideally need the following gear:

Odds are you already own some of this coffee equipment, but if not, you will can do without it, although these things make the process a lot better and easier.

Now, just before we get to our list of the best coffee grinders for making French Press coffee, here is a quick video by New York barista Mike Jones that shows how to make a cup of French press coffee. 

So, if you are totally new to the process, this should give you a rough idea how its done.

The video above makes the process look fairly easy, and it is.  Still, if made incorrectly, you run the risk of bitter and oily coffee. 

french press grind size

This comes back to having the right coffee grinder, and grinding your beans in the appropriate manner.

To do it right, you will need a grinder that will make very coarse grinds, akin to the size of sea salt (as pictured).

Which brings us to our top 3 best coffee grinders for espresso!

Porlex Mini

porlex mini coffee grinder mill

Quite often, manual coffee grinders are used for French Press coffee, and that’s simply because you can conveniently grind directly into your French Press. 

As far as that goes, there really are no manual coffee grinders that are better than the Porlex Mini here, which has a sleek, modern look and is made from stainless steel. 

It stands about 13 cm tall and 5 cm wide, so its quite compact and makes enough coffee for about 2 cups max. 

Basically, if you are someone who just wants to make a quick cup of coffee or two, using fresh ground beans, then this little grinder is perfect. 

Porlex is a Japanese company known for exclusively making grinders and they take pride in their work. 

Also, they have constructed their grinders to be perfect for the French Press process, which is another reason we love the Mini.

porlex mini If you’re looking for something that is a little bit bigger than the Mini, you can have a look at its cousin the Porlex JP-30, which has also garnered a lot of positive reviews and costs about the same price, but it gives you a little more room and it has the same basic features as the Porlex Mini.

The Porlex Mini comes with a ceramic conical burr set, which is ideal for grinding coffee beans due to its low-heat output. (*too much heat is bad for grinding)

We recommend ceramic burrs over any other type of burr, because they always yield the best results. 

If you are a fan of the Aeropress coffee and espresso maker, the Porlex Mini works just as well with that device.

With the Porlex Mini, you can adjust your burrs to grind for specific brews, with its coarse setting being ideal for French Press coffee.

This is the big reason we love this grinder – because it excels at coarse ground French Press-style coffee. 

Oh, and its quiet too, as most coffee mills are (just like grinding pepper).

porlex mini

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Another great thing about the Porlex Mini is that its very portable.

Often times people who travel frequently like to take their home brewing coffee gear with them, and the Porlex Mini makes that quite easy. 

With its stainless steel construction, you can take it anywhere and have no fear of it breaking. 

The Porlex Mini has a nice, easy-to-turn silicon-grip handle which attaches itself to the side of the grinder when not in use. 

There is a silicon ring around the grinder as well so you can grip it easily when turning the handle. 

Very easy to clean as well.

We feel that the Porlex Mini is perfect companion coffee grinder for the French Press coffee maker.

Here’s a customer video review of the Porlex Mini which shows you this little grinder in action.


Rosewood Manual Coffee Grinder

rosewood manual coffee grinder

The Rosewood manual coffee grinder from Aztec is an attractive, highly decorative, old-fashioned model of manual coffee mill that exudes sophistication and old world craftsmanship. 

This coffee grinder is made from actual rosewood which is quite beautiful, and which provides the customer with a lot of aesthetic value for the price you’ll pay for this grinder.

Here is a quick look at the main features of the Rosewood Manual coffee mill:

  • Made of rosewood – no plastic parts
  • Adjustable knob to adjust grind setting
  • Iron container and wood box
  • Measures 4”L x 4”W x 8”H
  • Shipping weight 10 pounds

This coffee grinder almost seems like a real antique, as they have used both rosewood and iron to give it that classic and elegant appearance. 

The adjustable screw gives you the ability to choose the setting for your grind, and, as we mentioned, the coarse grind setting is just perfect for a French Press. 

Don’t let classy appearance fool you into thinking this coffee grinder doesn’t do a mean French Press-style coarse grind – it most certainly does, which is one big reason we love it!

This model comes with instructions, but the Rosewood manual coffee mill here is so simple to use you’ll hardly need them.

rosewood manual coffee grinder

One thing that is great about the Rosewood grinder here is it looks great on your kitchen counter; particularly if you have one of those older houses where it would match the surroundings.

This is a real eye-catching piece of coffee craftsmanship, and people who own this grinder report compliments on the grinder just for its workmanship.

Quiet and efficient, The Rosewood Manual coffee grinder is nearly silent and takes about the same amount of time to finish grinding your beans as it does to boil your water for your French Press.

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Also, grinding the beans is nearly effortless with the way they’ve designed the handle and the housing of the grinder in general.

The fact that its so quiet makes this grinder a whole lot different than some of those other screeching grinders you’ll come across. 

With the Rosewood Manual coffee grinder, one of the potential drawbacks that some people will find, which is true for any manual grinders, is that you have to grind slowly with this machine.

Because you are simply pouring your fresh whole coffee beans into the metal hopper, which is open on the top, this means you ought not be grinding quickly, or you will probably spill some beans. 

rosewood manual coffee grinder coffee grinds You should also be aware that there is nothing underneath this grinder to keep it stuck to the counter, which means if you have a slippery counter, its going slide if you’re not holding it. 

Similarly, the handle too is made of wood and not silicon like the Porlex (they are completely different designs, of course), but that means that the handle can potentially be a bit slippery as well.

Overall, we feel that the Rosewood Manual coffee grinder provides the perfect coarseness of grind for the French Press, so besides being a coffee mill which looks great, it is the perfect choice for a French Press coffee grinder.

Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder


If you prefer an electric grinder to a burr mill style grinder, where it does the manual labor for you, the Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder would be a great alternative.  Here’s a quick look at its main features:

      • Grinds beans for up to 12 cups of coffee
      • Powerful 150 watt motor provides quick  grinding without overheating
      • Graduated measuring scale on transparent lid
      • Stainless steel blades
      • Safety on/off switch
      • Cord storage
      • Measures 3 3/8”L x 3 3/8”W x 7 ½”H
      • 1 year warranty
      • Shipping weight 1.6 pounds

braun aromatic blade grinder

Here we have another coffee grinder that excels at creating a  good coarse-consistency grind, and that’s exactly what is needed for making French Press. 

One thing we like about this coffee grinder is that you can monitor your grinding via the transparent lid (which is dishwasher safe), and it also features two down-pointing ribs to guide the coffee beans towards the blades to ensure an even grind. 

The 150 watt motor, combined with the design of the stainless steel blades, means your beans will be ground quickly and efficiently with overheating or spoiling the coffee’s taste.

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The Braun also has a safety feature built right in; the unit will not work unless the lid is securely in place and locked down.

It is also worth mentioning that Braun is one of the biggest names when it comes to blades, and so its no surprise that they have designed a blade grinder here which is a fan favorite.

One drawback is that you’re just not going to get as quiet of a grind out of a motorized / electrical grinder as you would a manual handle turning unit. 

The flip side of the coin is that it’s fast, and in only seconds will grind the beans to the perfect coarse consistency for a French Press. Although the grinder itself is not dishwasher safe (due to being electric), it’s a breeze to clean up. 

Simply rinse out the plastic cup and wipe down the interior of the grinder with a damp paper towel or cloth.

The Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder comes with instructions right in the box and carries a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

So concludes our look at 3 of our favorite grinders for French Press.  If you don’t think any of these grinders is the one for you, definitely check our section on manual coffee grinders, and you’ll be sure to find one other there!

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