We Review 3 Of The Best Vintage Coffee Grinders

best vintage grinder review

If you miss the days of coffee beans ground by hand and kettles of water boiled on an open flame, you’re a person after my own heart. The space-age style grinders that look like they could shoot to the moon on their own power are great for contemporary homes with modern equipment. There’s nothing wrong … [Read more…]

Clever Chef Matte Copper Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder Review

clever chef Matte Copper Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder review

The Matte Copper Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder from Clever Chef is a style of coffee grinder in an old-world style with copper and wood that we really appreciate. When coffee grinders aren’t being used, they should add visual appeal to your kitchen, and we believe this grinder fits with many kitchen styles. While that’s not … [Read more…]

Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill Grinder Review

Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill Grinder

The Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill Grinder is one of the high-end brands in the coffee milling field. It’s crafted by artisans, and the company has been in grinder production for over 150 years. While they wouldn’t be considered cheap, you’re getting a grinder with a history and craftsmanship that makes them worth the price. For … [Read more…]

Porlex Tall Hand Grinder – Update And Quick Review

porlex tall hand grinder review update 2017

Well, it is 2018 and it is another wonderful year to be a coffee drinker!  One reason we can easily point to is that one of our favorite coffee grinder manufacturers, Porlex, have just recently updated their Tall Hand Grinder with some very excellent and welcome technical improvements. Feature Pick Porlex 345-12541 Jp-30 Stainless Steel … [Read more…]

Norpro Coffee Grinder Review

Norpro Coffee Grinder

The Norpro Coffee Grinder is a terrific little decor piece that grinds coffee. While many other manual grinders look like a cylinder from a space station, this one is antique-inspired and brings to mind coffee in the 1900s before electricity. It’s a fun grinder that makes great coffee. Feature Pick Norpro Coffee Grinder Buy On … [Read more…]

Baratza Forte AP + BG Grinder Review


Today we review the Baratza Forte Coffee Grinder.  The Baratza Forte is available in two configurations; the AP (All-purpose) and the BG (Brew Grinder). Both versions of the Baratza Forte are compact, practical, commercial-grade grinders suitable for a variety of different settings.  Both models have full metal construction for durability, a small footprint, and easy-to-use … [Read more…]