Turkish Coffee Serving Sets To Impress Your Guests

by Selmir Omic

If there's one thing that could be said about the Turkish population when it comes to coffee is that they take their coffee-drinking very seriously. "And we don't?!", you might exclaim, understandably miffed at the insinuation that we North Americans don't take our coffee-drinking seriously. Are you kidding me?! We treat our coffee in life or death terms. Meaning, if we don't get our daily coffee (or several), there is going to be death!

While that may be so, I think it would be hard for anyone here in North America to argue that we have historically treated coffee with quite so much pomp and pageantry as the Turks do their coffee. In fact, Turkey and coffee go way back, and certain types of coffee equipment have certainly been marked by Turkish culture as they helped to redesign many of the styles of grinder that we see around today. Read more about that in our article on the history of coffee grinders.

Not only that, but Turks have interwoven coffee into many of their most important rituals in life, with marriage being a big one. For instance, the bride-to-be has to serve the future groom coffee, along with his family, although his is spiked with salt as a representation of the difficulties of their life ahead. Wow, eh?

Turkish Coffee Serving Sets To Impress Your Guests
Turkish Coffee Serving Sets To Impress Your Guests

Oh, and in case you didn't know, Turks have been known to use coffee to tell the future as well. At least, that's what my Turkish ex-girlfriend used to do with her friends. As beautiful and mysterious as she is, this girl is definitely not a fortune teller. I'm pretty sure it was all in good fun, and they were not exactly trying to read prophecies in the crema.

The point is, as a culture Turkish folk really get into their coffee drinking in a way that can only be described as having reached mythical proportions. On the day to day level, Turkish people are just as enthralled with coffee as we are, and they drink a lot of it. Here is a quick video about how to make the perfect Turkish cup of coffee:

Overall, to the Turkish people, coffee is part of their rituals, their folklore, and their everyday life. The people of Turkey treat coffee in a very special way that doesn't really exist in Western culture so much. Sure, we want our coffee, we lust for our coffee, but do we really love our coffee here as much as they do?

That one is up for debate, but one thing is for sure, and that is that Turks have always been known to make some of the most beautiful coffee paraphernalia the world has seen.

Their beautiful style of coffee grinders are one thing, which we love of course ( read our article on the best Turkish coffee grinders here). We also love their hand-hammered coffee pots, which you can read more about here in this article on how to choose the right Turkish coffee pot.

Turkish Coffee Serving Sets - Handcrafted To Amaze Even The Most Cynical Coffee Drinker!

The point here is that Turkish people know a thing or two about coffee, but nowhere is this more evident perhaps than their serving sets, which are often handmade and in most cases highly detailed and extravagant.

Now, you may be one of those coffee drinkers that is perhaps a bit grumpy or moody, and you rise but you refuse to shine. Well, even someone like you would have to admit that there is something positively beautiful about the way Turkish people craft their serving sets.

As They Say, God Is In The Details

You can tell just by looking at a Turkish serving set how important coffee is to them. To those of us who could care less whether they drink their coffee out of a styrophome cup, Turkish coffee serving sets are just about as opposite from that as you can get. If drinking coffee from a Dixie cup is the equivalent of going to the state fair, drinking coffee from a Turkish serving cup is like going to Disney World, where you just walk around in constant awe of what you're seeing.

Quick List of popular Turkish Coffee Serving Set companies in 2015:

  • Turkish Coffee World
  • Bosphorus
  • Ankara Bakır
  • Sena
  • GrandBazaarShopping
  • Grand Gifft
  • CopperBull
  • The Turkish Emporium

Turkish serving sets, including the trays, the saucers, the cups, the lids, and whatever else they might include are often made from brass, copper, silver, or gold. They are also handcrafted with fine details such as floral and other exotic shapes and patterns. The details are are amazing, and to those who have never really seen such craftsmanship, it really is amazing that this is just how Turkish people view their coffee - with complete reference.

In a particular way, you might say that Turks are promoting more of a camaraderie than we do here with our insulated coffee tumblers , which are meant to keep our drinks hot for hours, while we go off and do our own thing.

With Turkish coffee serving sets, its all about getting together with people and having real interaction, something that many people have forgotten about today in this era of burying our heads in our smartphones while our loved ones are right in front of us. Turkish coffee serving sets are an artform, and they deserve to be appreciated, and remember, in the words of the poet::

"Not the coffee, nor the coffeehouse is the longing of the soul

A friend is what the soul longs for, coffee is just the excuse".

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