1. JP Finan

    Thanks for the review! I’m hoping to find a review somewhere in which the mud in the cup and the oils passed through are actually measured. You could probably get a lot of hits with something like that. Also, I gotta point out that if there is any environmental benefit to using a steel filter, it’s got to be very modest. Think about how much actual paper you’re saving compared to how much water it takes to clean the steel every day. If you clean it quickly using cold water without soap under a weak stream, it takes maybe 50 ml, or 18 liters of drinking water per year. If you’re slow or you use hot water and/or soap, it goes up from there.
    Anyway, good article!

    • Jeanette Kierstead

      You have a point about the water usage being a factor, but that’s true of making coffee, too. You could avoid using any water by not drinking coffee at all. Who wants to live without coffee, though!

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