Coffee Roasts Explained – The Ultimate Guide For Understanding Coffee Beans

coffee beans explained guide to understanding coffee roasts

Here is a drink enjoyed by millions around the world, but do people understand the beauty of the coffee bean? We have pulled together all the best information from around the world to squeeze the bean and teach you the differences between coffee roast strengthens, the changes of flavor from coffee roast acidity, the common … [Read more…]

Best Ways to Roast Coffee at Home

roasting coffee on bbq

The journey that coffee takes to get to your cup is an incredible journey. It begins as a bean encased in a cherry then after getting plucked from the trees it’s in the sun to dry. If you read our article on Coffee Harvesting and Processing you’ll know that that is not the end of … [Read more…]

About Behmor – “Intuitive Tools for Artisanal Coffee”


Behmor is a relatively small coffee company with big ideas, for both their products and the good their industry can do. The company produces “intuitive tools for artisanal coffee”. These aren’t coffee makers and roasters designed for quick-and-convenient; they’re made for coffee connoisseurs devoted to the perfect cup of joe. According to founder Joe Behm, … [Read more…]