Cowboy Coffee – No Brown Gargle Allowed

Romanticized in today’s modern culture, the life of a Wild West cowboy was anything but romantic. Hardships faced them at every twist and turn of the journey called life. Even cowboys in today’s age would have a hard time relating to the everyday life of the cowboys that experienced the Wild West. After the Civil … [Read more…]

Moka Pot Coffee – A Guide To Everything Moka Pot

People spend so much time debating the quality, consistency, and convenience of high-end coffee makers and espresso machines, but for my money, there is no better coffee maker than the moka pot – an elegantly simple engineering feat. The moka pot looks cool, works well, and produces the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. … [Read more…]

Women’s Petition Against Coffee of 1674

“Cuckol’d by Dildo’s”: A Woman’s Threat “Never did Men wear greater Breeches, or carry less in them of any Mettle whatsoever”. Apparently, size mattered to women in seventeenth century London. Size was not the only thing that mattered along with the brash statements that were made in the Women’s Petition Against Coffee of London in … [Read more…]

Italian Coffee and a Life Well-Lived – Our Interview with De’Longhi

Know Your Grinder has been trying out different types of coffee for years now, and one place that is well-known for making coffee to die for is Italy. When you visit Italy, one thing you’ll notice is that they take their coffee-making very seriously.  Italians are also known for knowing how to live long and … [Read more…]