About Behmor – “Intuitive Tools for Artisanal Coffee”

by Bryan Albuquerque

Behmor is a relatively small coffee company with big ideas, for both their products and the good their industry can do. The company produces "intuitive tools for artisanal coffee". These aren't coffee makers and roasters designed for quick-and-convenient; they're made for coffee connoisseurs devoted to the perfect cup of joe.

According to founder Joe Behm, the audience for Behmor products is " Anyone who wants superior character, such as pour-over taste, with automatic features eliminating the fuss and cleanup of using coffee they purchased or home roasted."
About Behmor – “Intuitive Tools for Artisanal Coffee”
About Behmor – “Intuitive Tools for Artisanal Coffee”

Behmor's product line includes only two products; the Behmor Brewer and the Behmor Roaster. These two devices share some qualities; they're both smartphone-enabled, feature sleek and modern design, and mesh well with chic kitchen design. In addition, they're both driven by the same desire for top-quality coffee, from bean to cup. Simpler, non-connected versions of the Brewer are available at a lower price point with the same high-quality features.

The Behmor Brewer is an eight-cup coffee brewer with a fully integrated, pre-programmable pre-soak cycle to mimic pour-over coffee, precise temperature control to within one degree between 190 and 210 degrees Fahrenheit, and customizable smartphone controls. The Brewer brews directly into a thermal, keep-warm carafe to allow you to enjoy your coffee over the next several hours. With smartphone controls, you can experiment with your coffee brewer to produce the best cup for your taste.

Here is a video from CNET showing off the Behmor Brewer.

With smartphone controls, you can order your coffee to start brewing from bed, and by the time you're out of bed, there's a hot, perfectly brewed cup of coffee ready. The Behmor Brewer will even update your app to let you know when your coffee is ready.

The Behmor Roaster offers top-quality home roasting. While many roasters are cumbersome in the home kitchen, the Behmor Roaster takes up about the same amount of space as a toaster oven; and even looks a bit like one sitting on your counter.

The roaster roasts up to one pound of green coffee beans, with quick start settings to produce a shorter roasting time and allow for additional roasting control. Smoke control technology makes this roaster an ideal choice for home or small business use-there's no worry about a beeping smoke alarm! Like the Brewer, the Roaster can be fully controlled using your smartphone and the free Behmor app.

As with the Brewer, smartphone controls can provide you with to-the-minute updates about your roasting experience, enabling you to adjust the temperature from moment-to-moment even if you're not standing in the kitchen.

While the Behmor products provide high-quality coffee to enjoy at home, this company has a mission above and beyond just helping you to brew good coffee. They're also working with growers to produce better coffee beans. Behmor is working on the ground with growers in Guatemala; many of these growers have never tasted the results of their own beans, without access to good-quality roasters or brewers.

Behmor is working on the ground with growers and co-ops serving coffee bean farmers to provide Behmor Roasters. With access to roasters, growers can learn more about their beans, and can recognize the changes in flavor that occur with improved soil and growing conditions. This provides growers with the ability to improve the coffee available to the consumer.

Behmor is a small company with big products; they're an ideal choice for the coffee-loving, tech-savvy consumer. Behmor's products bring the best of brewing to your countertop, without the mess and fuss associated with pour over brewing. If you want to enjoy top-quality coffee everyday, the Behmor Roaster and Behmor Brewer can let you feel like you've stepped into the coffee shop of your dreams on even the dreariest Monday morning.

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Who Is Behmor Coffee Company and What Do They Offer

They are an innovative coffee roasting company with a very unique background. The entire history of Behmor can be summarized within one sentence:

" A small backyard business grows into an industry leader in only 40 years. "

Coffee has been a part of the Horn family for over 40 years, with most of that time spent roasting coffee with a popcorn popper. Back in those days it wasn't as easy to roast a small amount of beans for a cup or too, without smoking out the entire neighborhood.

The History of Behmor Coffee Company

In 1979 Behmor Coffee Roasters was founded by Sara and Robert Horn. They had moved from Seattle to California where they started their first business - a small mail-order coffee bean business. At first, they were roasting and packaging the beans with a popcorn popper in their garage (where they lived) for friends and family as gifts. This started to grow into a large hobby for the couple until they decided to make it their full time job.

In 1980 Behmor Coffee Roasters moved into a warehouse and started offering coffee roasting services to the local area. Over time their list of clients grew, which brought more work and employees until they made the decision to open another roastery in Ontario, Canada.

In 1995 Behmor introduced their first roaster with batch capabilities (the Behmor 1600 Plus) which allowed them to roast larger batches at a time for customers while still being able to mix different types of beans together. The company had some growing pains with this model but it helped shape what they are today. By 2005 they were producing multiple models of home coffee roasters for people who wanted to have high-quality coffee on demand.

The product that put Behmor on the map was their drum roaster called the Behmor 1600 Plus. This is an innovative machine which controls temperature throughout the roasting process by using multiple sub-dials to change fan speeds, drum speeds, and heat distribution. It was not only the first of its kind but it still holds up against some large competitors who are trying to outdo them.

Why Behmor Coffee Roasters are Different

A unique history doesn't mean that Behmors stands out from other coffee companies… or does it? While most people think that all coffee machines work the same way, there are some key differences between a typical home coffee roaster and a Behmor Machine. One of the biggest selling points for their machines has always been quality control. Their machines have always had more than one dial to adjust during the roasting process, letting you control how much heat is applied during the roast. That little bit of extra control, while not a big deal for many coffee drinkers, can make all the difference in your final product.

Behmor Coffee Roasters also strives to give its customers a lot of information about their products. They offer a full website with a blog where they discuss different aspects of coffee, from culture to business and even home roasting. You can learn about their current products or get started with home roasting using one of their machines! While other companies might want you to return to them when you have problems, Behmors wants its customers to come back after every roast. In fact, they encourage it! Their goal is always to improve their product, and the only way they can do that is with your help!

Behmor Coffee Roasters has always been about trying something new. That's why in 2014, when most companies were doing home coffee roasting on drum-style machines simple enough for anyone to use, Behmors decided to release its first ever fluid bed home roaster. The Behmor 1600 Plus was one of the first machines in its class available in North America, and it still leads the market today because of how easy it is to use! This kind of innovative thinking is what keeps them at the top of their field. So if you're looking for a great cup of coffee from a company that isn't afraid to take chances, then check out Behmor Coffee Roasters. The company is always looking for feedback from its customers, so if you have any thoughts on how they can improve their products, go to their website and let them know! That's why Behmor Coffee Roasters is different - because they listen to what you want.

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