Starbucks Bottled Mocha Frappuccino Review

starbucks frappuccino bottle review

So, I decided to go with something not blended today and I’m starting to regret it. I decided to opt out on a purchasing a blended beverage this week and review something different, I decided to grab myself a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino in a bottle… I’ve been trying to stop drinking too many sugary drinks … [Read more…]

Tokyo’s Weirdest Cafés and Coffee Shops

tokyos weirdest cafes

Tokyo has all kinds of unusual places and is known for the sparkling night lights, highly advanced railroads, all kinds of stores, delicious food, and last but not least all kinds of weird and crazy cafes/restaurants. Because of all this exciting stuff in Tokyo, they get tons of tourists. But I’m betting most of these … [Read more…]

Barista FAQ with Liam Eales of Happy Goat Coffee, Ottawa

liam eales barista happy goat coffee in ottawa

Today we chat with our friend Liam Eales, barista extraordinaire from Happy Goat Coffee in Ottawa, Ontario. We asked Liam many of the common questions people have about being a barista that we’ve heard.  With further delay, grab your coffee and let’s get into the interview! How long have you been a barista at Happy … [Read more…]

What is a Macchiato?

Foam, milk, and espresso. Just those three ingredients can make up at least four different drinks familiar to the general public coffee drinkers. Simple ingredients tweaked to perfection and taste leave for an endless possibility. Without being a professional barista, sometimes it can be hard to keep all these Italian and French names for coffee … [Read more…]

Illy IperEspresso Capsules Review – How do they stack up?

illy iperespresso capsules review

Now, even though they’re certainly dominating the market, Nespresso’s Dolce Gusto and Keurig’s K-Cup systems are far from the only ones. There are also Nespresso’s OriginalLine brewers, as well as Starbucks’ Verismo ones, as well as today’s choice – Illy’s IperEspresso lineup. Illy is a well-known and very respected brand of coffee, especially in its … [Read more…]