The 3 Best Demitasse Cup And Saucer Sets For Espresso Serving

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Are you a huge fan of espresso?  If so, then you will most likely be familiar with demitasse espresso cups and saucers.  If not, you are welcome to peruse our guide for the 3 best sets available now for espresso serving.

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But first, you may be wondering – what is a demitasse cup, exactly?  You’ve definitely seen them, but maybe not known them by their fancier name. 

Ok, So…What Is A Demitasse Cup?

Harold Import Stackable Porcelain Demi cup and saucer set with chrome demitasse rackThe term “demitasse” literally means “half cup” in French.  Typically, this small, thick-walled serving vessel is commonly used to serve either espresso or Turkish coffee.  The capacity of your average demitasse is approximately 60-90 ml (2-3 oz.). 

Most often, demitasse espresso cups are made of ceramics or porcelain, and, like the Harold Import set pictured on the right, they come with a set of saucers or a chrome demitasse rack.

3 Best Demitasse Cup and Saucer Sets in 2016

1. Francois et Mimi

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Hic 9-Piece Stackable Espresso Coffee Set, Fine White Porcelain, 4 (4-Ounce) Cups With Matching Saucers And Metal Stand, Gift Boxed

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First off, these are so frickin’ cute!  This set of 4 espresso cups are 2.5” high and 4.5” across. Their capacity is about 90ml, and 120 ml to the brim of the cup. These cups are a little larger than you’d normally expect from your average demitasse espresso cup, but that’s OK by us!  Fans of this cup and saucer set are very passionate about them, as are we!

As a result, you can use them for drinking other beverages besides espresso. You could use them for a regular cup of coffee or steeped tea, for example. This makes the cups more versatile than standard demitasse espresso cups, but no less adorable!

francois et mimi demitasse espresso cup and saucer setThat said, we find that these demitasse espresso cups and saucers are actually a great size for espressos any time of day, whether you’re making one for yourself, or serving them to guests.

These great cups by Francois et Mimi are slightly bigger than your average demitasse, but no less effective at keeping your espresso hot, due to being made from quality materials that don’t allow the heat to escape and cool off your beverage prematurely.

Another key benefit of these cups is that they have a classy appearance.  So it doesn’t matter what time of year, or on what occasions you use them, you can rest assured that the cups will look great any old time, as you serve your favorite steeped tea or home brewed espresso in them.

Dishwasher Safe

The cups are dishwasher-safe which is definitely a plus. It prevents the need to hand-wash the espresso cups, which can certainly be a hassle if you’re in a hurry or have come to the end of the hectic day, for example.  On the other hand, you might find these cups just so cute, you’ll want to scrub these cuties clean yourself!

Cute though they might be, they’re also tough, in that you likely won’t have any issues with the cups chipping or staining.  That means that you can use the cups to serve tea or great home brewed espresso time and time again, without worrying about whether they’ll hold up.

demitasse espresso cup and saucer set

Besides that, these cups are also microwave friendly. That’s another plus if you need to heat up a cup of espresso you made earlier that day.  Waste not, want not, we always say!

These espresso cups are also lead-free, so you can have peace of mind that you can drink from it without worrying about being exposed to lead.  This has become a bit of a concern among certain porcelain and ceramic products.  You can read more about in this article right here

Ideal For Parties

Since this Francois et Mimi set includes four cups and saucers, they’re ideal for parties in your home, or when you have espresso-loving guests over.  Also, the neutral white color (if you call white a color, that is) of cups and saucers, means that they’ll match up nicely with practically any table settings you use with them. That’s definitely a plus, since you won’t have to fret over matching tableware with these cups so much.  They go with everything!  🙂

2. Bene Casa 9 Piece Espresso Set With Iron Stand

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Francois Et Mimi Set Of 4 High-Fire Pure White Porcelain Espresso Cup And Saucer

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This 9-piece set includes 4 cups, 4 saucers, and 1 iron stand.  That’s a pretty good deal to purchase for around $15.  The cups are 3” tall, while the metal stand is 7 ¾ inches from your counter top to the top of the stand.  Meanwhile, each cup has a capacity of 2.5 oz. The whole set has a shipping weight of 4.2 pounds, which is good and hefty, showing that you’re getting something fairly substantial from Bene Casa.

There are many benefits of choosing this set of Demitasse espresso cups over other sets, ah where to begin?  We absolutely love this demitasse espresso cup and saucer set – its a personal favorite of ours, and we think you’ll see why!

Bold Statement

One of the main benefits we feel is the appearance of these cups.  Whereas the Francois Et Mimi set is cute as a button, the Bene Casa set makes a bit more of a splash, what with its eye-catching “Espresso” lettering, fancy iron stand, and nice, wide saucers.

We feel that this set can really double as a casual, inviting, and friendly set of cups, but they also wouldn’t be completely out of place serving business associates, as long as those business folk like to loosen their ties once in a while.  So whether you want to keep it casual, or class it up a bit, we think that these cups can swing both ways.

Great Package Deal!

best espresso cup and saucer set

Another advantage here is that you receive all of the cups as a bundle, so with this set, you really get everything you need all at once, which saves you some money in that respect.  No separate purchases to make here, and once you purchase this set, you can immediately throw a party and start serving friends and family, who will no doubt be impressed with your formidable home brewing abilities.

While we do, at times, love the simple, elegant white design offered by the Francois et Mimi set, sometimes you want to go with something that has a little bit more pizazz and flair, and these cups really fit the bill with respect to that!


Another key benefit of this set of demitasse espresso cups with saucers is that they’re extremely durable.  We have even done the unimaginable, which is to say, we dropped one – and luckily, it was fine!  It didn’t shatter into a million bits.

As a result of their thickness, you can rest assured that the cups will be able to withstand the rigors of being served, cleaned, and stored over and over again. That’s a big advantage over other sets of espresso cups that are so thin that they’re vulnerable to basic contact with objects.  As in, you bump one of those thinner cups into something, and it breaks!  🙁

Insulated / Keeps Espresso Piping Hot

value of espresso cup and saucer set

Another great benefit of the thicker cups like the Bene Casa set here, is that they’re more effective at keeping your espresso hot, which we feel is a must when it comes to serving espresso.  You’ll notice that these cups are very deep and somewhat cavernous, which means that the heat stays locked in longer.

The rack part of the set is certainly a major perk.  It helps to keep them organized, and provides an attractive display between uses. As an added bonus, since the rack is included in the set, there’s no need to worry about purchasing a separate rack to pair with the cups and saucers.

Yet another key benefit of this demitasse cups and saucers set is that it contains a set. You can save a small fortune with the complete set instead of purchasing 9 individual pieces.  This is certainly good if you’re on a shoestring budget, but even if you are not, this demitasse cups and saucers set is a great value that’s worth considering.

Finally, reviewers have mentioned that the Bene Casa company has an excellent shipping/return policy.  So, in the unlikely event that there is shipping damage, Bene Casa will replace it without charge. This is certainly handy, and it’s not usually offered by other companies selling these demitasse sets.

3. Harold Import Stackable Porcelain Set

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Bene Casa 43888 Espresso Set With Iron Stand, 9 Piece

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This is an excellent 9-piece set of demitasse cups & saucers.  It includes (4) 2 ” high, 4-oz. cups and saucers, and 1 chrome rack.  You can pick this set up for around $20, which we think is a great deal for a demitasse cups and saucers set of this caliber.

The attractive cups, saucers, and rack provide several benefits that will allow you to use them for many years to come.

One of the key benefits of this demitasse cups and saucers set, is that the cups are generously sized at 4 oz.  Like the Francois et Mimi cups mentioned above, these Harold Import demitasse cups and saucers are larger than average, which usually is about 2-3 oz. The larger size makes the cups perfect for not only espresso, but also brewed coffees and steeped teas. The increased size means that the cups can pull double duty for both espresso and non-espresso beverages.

Stylish & Durable

harold import stackable porcelain demitasse cup and saucer set

The cups and saucers are also made of attractive white porcelain. This is an excellent material in terms of appearance and durability.

The cups and saucers are elegant, so you can use them for events, ranging from everyday use, to formal soirees. That’s definitely a benefit over other less versatile demitasse sets. 

Besides being attractive, the porcelain is also a cinch to clean, so you won’t have to use much elbow grease to make them sparkle. And since white goes with everything, you can use these cups and saucers with any dinnerware set.

Beautiful Porcelain

harold import stackable porcelain demitasse cup and saucer set

The most obvious benefit of the durable porcelain, is that it will have a longer lifespan than other materials. However, besides that, this porcelain will also help retain the heat of the espresso or other beverage contained in the cup.  That will help to make the user’s espresso-drinking experience a much richer one. Who wants to have a cold espresso, right? You won’t have that problem with these cups.

Speaking of durability, another key feature of the Harold Import demitasse set of espresso cups and saucers is that they’re microwave-safe.  So, regardless of your favorite espresso or non-espresso beverage, you can easily warm up the drink for a few seconds, and presto! – you’ll be able to enjoy a piping-hot cup of your favorite brew.

Space Saving

In terms of the set’s space-saving stack-ability feature, the rack itself will allow you to save a ton of real estate on your counter top.  They stack so neatly!  You’ll be amazed at how organized the set fits into the rack, instead of just hanging on hooks, if that isn’t a look you favor.

One of the most talked about things with this set is the value that it provides.  It’s an excellent deal when you consider that it includes 9 pieces in total. Instead of buying each cup/saucer set separately, by purchasing the entire set (4 cups, 4 saucers, one rack), your savings are considerable.

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