Black Coffee And Six Pack Abs – My Little Journey


It’s about 5 a.m. as I roll out of bed. It is still dark outside and it looks cold as hell. Shit! Why must I go to that TRX class at the gym at this hour every morning? It doesn’t matter. I have to get my ass up and ready my body for a great workout. (READ MORE)

Are Coffee Grounds Bad for You?

are coffee grounds bad for you

Bad for you? Not only are coffee ground not bad for you, they’re really, really good for you! Well, that is, if you’re not chowing down on a big pile of … (Read More)

What Is The Best Water For Coffee?

what is the best water for coffee

One thing that often gets overlooked when it comes to making a damn fine cup of coffee is the thing that would seem to be the most obvious: the water! (READ MORE)