Dreamfarm Grindenstein 4-Inch Espresso Stein Knock Box Review

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Dreamfarm Grindenstein – Coffee Grind Knock Box And Espresso Dump Bin (Silver)

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Dreamfarm, an innovative company out of Australia, has got the best product for everyone who wants to make their espressos at home in the form of this neat little scratch-resistant knock box, the Grindenstein.

The Grindenstein, named presumably for looking like the Frankenstein Monster’s head is really handy to use, and very easy to clean up. This is the least messy stein I have ever bought.

It allows you to remove the grinds from espresso machine’s porta-filter so you can have a seamless cleaning experience after you are done using your coffee machine.

Remember those times when you had to dirty your hands every time you were to clean the oily grinds or clean up the residue garbage can.

Forget about all those problems now with these simple steps.  

Take your porta-filter, turn it upside down over your Grindenstein Stein, tap on the surface for a few times and you’re done.

Your porta-filter is clean as new without any mess at all.  Here’s a quick video demo showing how it works.

The height of heir Grindstein is perfect and it efficiently allows you to manage and reduce clutter in your kitchen counter tap.

It fell from my hand three to four times but there is not a single scratch or crack on it.

It’s almost unbreakable with interiors made of solid stainless steel and a design which is shock absorbing.

dreamfarm grindenstein review

It is outlined with rubber sleeves, thick and durable and absorbs the force associated with striking motion while grinding or cleaning.

The product is completely noiseless and very easy to carry around to use.

It comes with a free booklet containing various ways of re-using coffee grinds. I use the booklet regularly and it has been very useful.

The residual grind which you can collect very conveniently could be used as fertilizer in your backyard garden.  🙂

Your Home Espresso’s BFF

best espresso knock box

The day I used this product for the first time I was amazed. I wished I had gotten it sooner. It’s well designed and convenient to place over rack of the dishwasher because it’s compact.

As far as it’s size goes, it’s not too big but not too small either. It’s ideal to be used at home regularly but could be a little small for commercial purposes.

Priced quit reasonably around the web and in stores, it is just what you need to get going.

Although you will find other products at cheaper prices but this product has better functionalities and hence, it should be a better investment.

espresso knock box review grindenstein

We are a household of 3 people, me, my husband and our 3-year old kid. This product works perfect for us. Me and my husband usually take double espresso shots in the morning before going to work.

It could contain about 8 double shots at one point of time without any trouble.

There are different colors that this product comes in.

For me, red works the best as it goes with my counter top but it depends on your taste.

Love It

grindenstein espresso knock box review

This knock box definitely beats others in quality and to an extent in price as well. It’s really cute looking. It’s small but contains more than enough at a given time (for home usage).

It’s made of high quality steel from inside and rubber fittings from outside for better grip. It’s a reliable and sturdy product and fits strongly at your table top.

Forget about it ever falling from the table top because it had got really firm rubber grips which hooks it on to the platform.

So, it goes without saying that this knock box could save you a lot of space.

However, you have to be careful before buying if you want it to use in your pop-shop. This product is small for commercial usage.

It contains maximum up to 8 pucks of double shots, after which you would have to empty it.

It’s convenient to empty it as many times but it’s still a better option to go for a bigger knock box for your coffee shop.

Can Take My Abuse

empty portafilter knock box

I like having lovely, quiet home and I hate the thud thud sounds of porta-filters. This product has been able to live up to my expectations.

It’s quiet as a mouse and cute and easy to use! Compact and durable, padded bars make it easy to keep it stored in any kind of area.

Once I was going to leave for my work and as usual I was making espresso double shots for me and my hubby and I ended up hit thee porta-filter hard on the table top counter.

If it were some other knock box it would be broken right away, but this product is super durable.

There is not a single crack on the product after I have literally abused it and hit on the floor so many times.

It’s a best buy item for your kitchen requirements.

If you are a coffee lover, you would love this product too!

Interestingly, I used Grindstein to whisk matcha green tea leaves as well and it worked perfectly.

Again, it works for maximum 2-3 people at a time, so do not over stretch it and you should be good to go!

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