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This roasterie and cafe starts with a farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. All of the beans are grown and picked by the workers who are part of the Recreo family.

There’s no part of the coffee’s cycle that the Recreo company doesn’t oversee. It gives them control to keep standards incredibly high.

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Control on the Farm

El Recreo Estate Farm has been producing coffee for over 50 years. The farm has been in the Ferrey-Machado family since the early 1970s.

The farm aligns their high standards with the ones dictated by the Rainforest Alliance. They have high standards of soil management, harvesting, processing, and shipping.

That leaves you with green beans that need to be roasted in the shops and cafes. That’s also handled by the Recreo business.

The Process

The beans are grown according to strict guidelines. They employ a local workforce that has access to healthy living conditions and has thriving families because of it.

Recreo processes the berries based on size. They’ll sift through and remove beans that are too small. The beans are dried naturally for milling.

Recreo has a milling, grading, and shipping aspect of their process that ensures that only the best make it to their shops and cafes for roasting.

Before they’re roasted for the public, experts will check their suitability. Each batch is tested for flavor.

Once they’re approved, the beans are roasted and the grind is used in the cafe as well as wholesaled to others.


The Recreo company provides education and technical training for their employees. They don’t just talk about wanting good lives for the workers at their Jinotega farm. They give workers a healthy workplace.

There’s free housing for the 40 permanent families on the farm. Children are educated and the family is given medical care. The company takes care of their workers because they are a family.

The company gives all their permanent workers a place to live but continues to educate them in technical aspects of the process. Their coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance certified.

That means the farm has met rigorous environmental standards. It’s in line with everything they practice as a responsible coffee bean farm.

Premium Locations

The first Recreo cafe was opened in West Roxbury in 2015. It had all the fine decorative touches you’ll see in a beautiful Boston neighborhood. It has exposed brick and a tin roof. They call themselves the “Living Room of West Roxbury.”

What’s even more impressive is that their second location is a coveted spot in the heart of Boston. It’s located in the state’s capital in their famous City Hall.

They were selected based on their charitable efforts and community outreach. Along with their care for the community, they have high standards and a quality product.

For a company that only began to serve the public in 2015, it says much about their product. Recreo should be incredibly proud.


Home roasters can get green beans from Recreo to roast themselves. There’s nothing like gaining incredible flavor by roasting as much as you need when you need it. It’ll never go stale.

One of the best things about Recreo is their commitment to high standards and eco-friendly practices. It brings harmony to their workers as well as the environment. Everyone is happier with their work when it’s done with a sense of purpose and care for the Earth.

You can order a variety of beans or have the roasterie do all the work for you. They roast weekly, so you’ll never get an old batch of coffee.

They have light, medium, and bold flavors in a variety of bag weights. You can even order samples if you want to try it first. This is a great option for visitors to Boston who can’t get back to order more of Recreo’s coffee.

The Shop

If you’re not ready to order large quantities of beans, you can certainly order bags of beans for your home. They have flavors like Honey Catuai Microlot, Pacamara Microlot, or Estate Premium.

Along with coffee beans in their online shop, you can get clothing that proudly says the Recreo name. Brand loyalty aside, the clothing is well made and so very soft.

You’ll be telling everyone that you support ethically made coffee from the farm to the cup. The shop also has cups, mugs, and tumblers. We’re partial to the copper tumbler. It’s quite unique and lovely.

The Recreo Coffee Roasterie is a lovely family-owned cafe that provides its own beans from a farm where they care about their workers.

For that fact alone, we would suggest trying a few samples or taking a trip to one of their locations. The spaces are beautiful and relaxed. It could be your new hangout place whenever you’re in the area.

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