Review Of Swivgo’s Slim Pink Girly Coffee And Spice Grinder

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When I first saw this manual coffee grinder by Swivgo, I thought that it would be an awesome gift for my daughter who happens to love helping me in the kitchen whenever I grind coffee, herbs, or spices.  

Oh, and she also loves stuff that’s pink so this little grinder is right up her alley (and mine too, actually).

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Yes, the color of this grinder is definitely quite girly and we have come to adore this little grinder.  

Honestly, I must say that I did purchase this coffee grinder solely based on appearance (its not that expensive) but it turns out that for making coffee, this adjustable manual burr grinder really does the trick!

Swivgo Manual Mini Slim Coffee Mill

The Swivgo here has a ceramic conical burr set and a hand crank, and I would say that it is much more powerful than it might appear by its “girly” look.  

So, don’t go judging a book by its cover, or, in this case, a manual coffee grinder by its shiny pink exterior.

Out Of The Box

When we got it home and opened up the box, the Swivgo Mini Slim Mill took us about two minutes to assemble and then we were off to the races.  

It does look fun to use, and it is, but I didn’t want my daughter to think this thing was just a toy, so I immediately showed her a few things on how to grind coffee with it.  

Here is one video we watched that shows to use a manual grinder, because there is actually a bit of technique to it.

Design Features

In terms of design, the lower container is made of matte glass and has a gram scale engraved on it (goes from 10 to 60 grams) so you can easily see how much coffee / pepper/ whatever you have ground up.  

I personally find this entire lower glass container to be very practical, compared to other grinders that are completely made of stainless steel and don’t have any glass part on the bottom container so I can’t see how much I was grinding.  

I will say this also – don’t treat this grinder as a coffee AND pepper grinder.  Just pick one.  You don’t want your coffee tasting like pepper, or any other truly potent herb or spice.  Yeeuck!

Swivgo Manual Mini Slim Coffee Mill

The lovely pink top, plus the pink handle, looks and feels really great so kudos to Swivgo for their design work here.  It simply can’t go unnoticed and my daughter loves it, as I keep mentioning.

It has a slimmer middle part so anyone can grip it tightly, even if you give it to children.

My daughter has no problem holding the grinder and actually manually doing the work, because Swivgo designed it to be easy to turn – even for kids.

The top part of the grinder has a lid made of plastic that is removable, together with the handle.

This is where the coffee beans or what-have-you are placed and where the ceramic conical burr is located.


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Adjustable Ceramic Conical Grinding Burrs

girly pink grinder ring

The burr is easily adjustable so you can actually pick what sort of grind you wish to have.

You can set to ultra-fine setting and get a fine blend for pour over drip & espresso, or you can set it to extra coarse for French press or any other brewing method.

The adjustment is quite easy to do – just remove the handle, the top lid and the locking ring then hold the central shaft and turn the ring clockwise for a finer grind and counterclockwise for a coarser grind. Pretty easy!  

This is what I love about manual grinders, which is that they’re hands on and you control everything.  We use our Swivgo with our Aeropress coffee maker and everything works great!

Durable, Easy To Clean

These ceramic conical burrs are made to last. Previously I have purchased coffee grinders with conical burrs and I can tell you they are the best kind to have.  

I proudly can add this Swivgo grinder to my small assortment of different grinders and rest easy that I will have it for a long time to come.  

Swivgo Manual Mini Slim Coffee Mill

The cleaning of the Swivgo grinder is also super easy – all you need is a brush that will ease the process of removing any coffee particles from the burr and the top screw.

The glass container can be simply water rinsed.

Portable / Travel-Ready Girly Grinder

The small size and slim shape of this Swivgo manual grinder are another bonus, when it comes to portability.  

If you have a big heavy burr grinder, that’s great but its probably not going anywhere. With the Swivgo we can take it with us anywhere – vacations, camping, where ever.  

I’ve even taken it hiking and made coffee once up in the mountains and it was great.  It fit in my backpack no problem along with a little bag of beans I took with me.

There is no noise with manual grinders so I know she won’t bother anyone while grinding coffee beans like some other screeching machines.

It’s easy to store in a drawer as well, so if you don’t want it out, it fits just about anywhere. 

Swivgo also offers this grinder in three other colors – black, green and brown, but the bright pink one is, I think, stands out the most.

For under $20, this is a perfect gift for any coffee lover, or someone who might like to grind other things.  

Looking for a hot pink pepper grinder?  Not a bad choice right here.  🙂

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